Sandro Army

Visual Designer Venus / Over the hills, Italy

Sandro is a visual designer located in Italy.

The artist works on different areas of interest such as: visual design, music album graphic design, photography, web design, vectorial and raster, advertising/promotional material, restyling, corporate identities, aesthetics, moodboards, illustration, impagination, offset typography, copywriting and indie publishing. Printing both in digital and in machine mode are well mastered, as color theory, pantography and serigraphy.

Has a fondness for the study of the logo visual identity and brand design, but without neglecting all the other nuances of graphic design. Versatile works, he likes to reinvent himself, with experience in a various areas of design. Has participated in many competitions dedicated to graphical environment and hosted workshops spreading the good word about the printmaking. Has obtained a curriculum entry in visual communication.

In 2006 decided to concentrate his efforts on freelancing.

A new pro was begotten, had the honor to work in several experimental projects, collaborating with established artists in the international scene like the scottish Emmett William Walsh, the japanese sculptress Sayaka Ganz and the american kinetic sculptor Jim Merz.

"For us there is only the trying, the rest is not our business" is the last project Sandro has worked on, dealing with the visual aspect of the same album produced by Revelse. However, the production of a new audiovisual concept called "Hello Jürgenson" is in progress, using the collaboration of his friend and sound artist Hvitskinni again.

Also worked on promotional material for the japanese noise artist Masami Akita aka Merzbow, the italian multi-instrumentalist Bologna Violenta, the italian rap supergroup Casa Degli Specchi and for the Litfiba's official channel.


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